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Naghmana Bajwa

Title: Global Medical Affairs Hematology Lead
Industry: R&D
Type of Organization: R&D Laboratory
Major Product/Service: Providing research into rare diseases and developing drugs
Expertise: With almost 20 years experience, Dr. Bajwa is responsible for research. She assists in the production of drugs that fight diseases related to the blood.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Chicago, Illinois
Affiliations: A.P.P.N.A.; H.D.A.; D.I.A.
University/Degree: M.D., Fatima Jinnah Medical University, 1989
Born: October 12, Pakistan
Hobbies/Sports: Baseball, travel, cooking, sewing
Work History: Previously, Dr. Bajwa served at Parexel, Lidak, Ligand, Matrix in several areas from January 1996 to January 1999. From 1999 to 2000, she served at ISIS Pharmaceuticals as the Director and Head of Global Medical Affairs and Safety Surveillance. She then served as Assistant Director, Head of Global DS Ops and Clinical Development at Gilead Sciences from October 2003 to December 2005. Dr. Bajwa was the Director, Head Global DS, PV, Technical Complaint Groups and Back Up Head Regulatory Medical Lead at Bayer Health Care, Biologics, Biotach Center of Excellence, CVS Division from June 2005 to June 2009. She served as the Executive Director, Head of Global Drug Safety, RM, PV and Pharmacoepidemiology CDMA at AMAG Pharmaceuticals from June 2009 to September 2010. From 2010 to 2012, Dr. Bajwa was the Senior Director, Pharmacovigilance, Risk Management and Clinical Development at Shire HGT. She then served as Senior Director, Head Global Safety, PV and Risk Management and Regulatory Affairs at Janssen Alzheimer Immunotherapy from May 2012 to November 2012. Next, she held the position of Senior Director, Project Management, Edu/Trng, Risk Management, Safety Review Board and Medical Services at AbbVie (Abbott Labs) from November 2012 to November 2014. Dr. Bajwa served in several positons at Shire from October 2015 to October 2017 including Franchise Global Medical Affair Hemophilia Lead, Head Inhibitors, Senior Medical Director, GMA Hematology Lead, Head Inhibitors, Blood Disorders portfolios and Elevating Standard of Care.