Women of Excellence

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Janine Rajkowski

Title: Owner, President, RN and Massage Therapist
Industry: Alternative Healthcare
Type of Organization: Nonprofit
Major Product/Service: Providing alternative healing practices and ancient healing techniques supplement the traditional medical model for well-being
Expertise: With 36 years experience, Sister Rajkowski oversees daily operations. She serves as a massage therapist/Polarity Practitioner and Counselor. She provides energy work, massage therapy, counseling, acupressure, body scrubs, facial treatments and reflexology.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Affiliations: A.M.T.A; A.P.T.A.
University/Degree: B.S.N., University of Wisconsin Eau Claire; M.A., Counseling Psychology, Alfred Adler Institute of Chicago, Illinois; Registered Nurse, Psychotherapist Counselor
Work History: Previously, Sister Rajkowski served as a primary grade teacher for 8 years. She was a L.P.N. from 1963 through 1973 and served as an RN in various states from 1973 through 1984. Sister Rajkowski then began massage therapy and has done so since. She also teaches massage.
Career Accomplishments: Sister Rajkowski is a trained Massage Therapist. She helps people through hypnosis to reduce stress, assists with weight management and related issues. She also serves as a Eucharist Minister and volunteers as needed.