Women of Excellence

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Felicity A. Erdmann

Title: Director
Industry: Healthcare
Type of Organization: Complimentary Health Center
Major Product/Service: Patient care
Expertise: Ms. Erdmann is responsible for nursing research. She has extensive knowledge in natural treatments for psoriasis and opened the Mercy Apostol Psoriasis Research and Documentation Center in Soap Lake, Washington. Currently, Ms. Erdmann is looking for volunteers to help with their ongoing protocol study for people suffering with psoriasis and other skin disorders utilizing the mineral rich waters and mud from Soap Lake coupled with monitored sun bathing.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Seattle, Washington
University/Degree: R.N., 1971; M.S., 2005
Hobbies/Sports: The outdoors, reading medical journals
Work History: Previously, Ms. Erdman served with the University of Washington Medical Center for 30 years.
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Erdmann has partnered with Mary Olson, who holds a Masters in Herbology, to naturally treat psoriasis. Their study entails utilizing a two week protocol where the clients daily soak in the Soap Lake water for specific time periods. They have partnered with Bastyr University to do a research study for them and help find a valid treatment for psoriasis.