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Betty M. Lowrey

Title: Author
Industry: Author
Type of Organization: Self-Employed
Major Product/Service: Writing books and blog
Expertise: Ms. Lowrey has over 15 years experience. She writes a fiction series based on women who must struggle and make it alone. She also writes a blog and speaks about her books to show women that they are not alone with their daily challenges. Ms. Lowrey is a Partner and Owner in an agricultural enterprise.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
University/Degree: Attended, Southeast Missouri State University
Hobbies/Sports: Family, painting, Life Group leader
Children: Bobby David, Deborah, Lisa; 6 Grandchildren; 4 Great-Grandchildren
Work History: Ms. Lowrey began writing articles of interest for a local newspaper about people in the community, and hosted a column named "Kindred Spirits". She is involved in the family's agriculture business in addition to writing books.
Published Works: Books, "Promises," ISBN: 978-1498486712; "Forgiven," ISBN: 978-149084959; "Forgotten," ISBN: 978-1512744156; "Forbidden," ISBN: 978-1490870526; "Forsaken," ISBN: 978-1490880037; "Forever," ISBN: 978-1512712001
Career Accomplishments: In addition to writing novels, Ms. Lowrey writes a daily blog, "Betty Lowrey's Forgiven," which can be seen at bettylowreyauthor.blogspot.com/.