Women of Excellence

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Ophelia P. Wright

Title: School Board Member
Industry: Education
Type of Organization: Board of Education
Major Product/Service: Education
Expertise: Responsible for ensuring county is up to date on policies; Ensures public is aware of educational policies; Hires and fires superintendents; Visits 24 schools within system to ensure education and standards are being upheld; Visits schools during special events; Part of committee which helps students living at poverty level; Tutors students privately; Previously taught for 32+ years; Speaks and lectures; Ordained Minister
Geographic Area of Distribution: Rockingham County, North Carolina
Affiliations: Democratic Party; N.C.A.B.; N.E.A.; N.A.A.C.P.
University/Degree: B.A., Education, Shaw University, 1973
Born: December 23, Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Hobbies/Sports: Singing with choir, shopping