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A Smell of Africa - Safe in His Arms
By Kuruvilla , Bill
This book is a narration of my own life experiences while I was working in Africa namely, in Zambia, and in Mozambique as an Electrical Engineer in 1970s. Many life-threatening incidents were happening to me in sequence during the period. With a happy and god-fearing mind I faced them all, believing in God's wonderful guidance and care-taking. As neighboring countries, South Africa, and Rhodesia were not independent at that time, guerilla warfare was at its peak. Several such instances have been brought to light in this book. More over, the ever-enjoyable panorama of African nature and its wildlife is also described to an extent, especially, my visit to a national park called Gorongosa which is a "Living Aden" near Beira, in Mozambique. Thus the book is made more enjoyable to a reader of any age. The book contains over 100 pages

The Unfolding of a Rose
By Mamie Smith Ed.D.
Journey with Meta and her mother as they travel across America, Germany, and Japan, enjoying the excitement of being in a military family while striving to overcome its obstacles. Despite an upbringing that takes place across continents, Meta's life is in many ways typical. She has dreams-some that she accomplishes, and some that are lost. There are men who come and go. And there is the man who stays. And, above all, there is the joy of becoming a mother and businesswoman. Meanwhile, Meta's mother, Mamie, experiments with various religions, while trying to adapt to her husband's Catholic ways. A former Baptist, she finds the Catholic religion strange, but interesting. Then one day, her life is changed when a Christian Scientist knocks on her door. Eventually, Christian Science enables both Meta and Mamie to meet the ultimate challenge-breast cancer. On April 20, 2005, Meta dies, and her mother is left asking God why. She discovers the answer to the question in a melody of day-to-day demonstrations. Stretch your faith, discover who you are, and soar to heights unknown in The Unfolding of a Rose.

Out of the Rabbit Hole
By Kathy J. Wilson
Out of the Rabbit Hole is a memoir, written from a child's point of view, of a little girl who manages to survive an environment of alcoholism and violence.

Janie's Unbelievable Journey: Inspirational Letters Along the Way
By Janie Sue WIlkins
In Janie Wilkins' memoir, titled "Janie's Unbelievable Journey", every reader has the opportunity to glimpse into the incredible life this author has lived.

Janie's Unbelievable Journey: Inspirational Letters Vol
By Janie Sue Wilkins
This is a true story of life as a wife, mother, and educator. She is a lifelong educator with a host of experiences and accomplishments.

Past Present Future: Gold, The Economy, Theft and Lies
By M.L.A. Maktari
Past, Present, Future is a book that enables the reader to almost see, feel, and hear what happened to the author from an early age onward to his becoming something he thought was impossible.

I've Always Been Rich: Pigs To Pastor
By Marilyn Rensink
Marilyn tells stories from her life growing up on an Iowa farm in the middle of the depression. In that era money was scarce, work was hard, and opportunities were few.

SHERMAN J. HOWARD: Football and Beyond - The Legend and Legacy of an African-American NFL Pioneer
By Viyahta Robinson
Inspiring Generations To Do Great Things In 1952 Jet Magazine described Sherman Howard's performance in a game between the Cleveland Browns and the Washington Redskins as "sensational." The author highlights her father's journey

Politically Homeless: A Five-year Odyssey across Three Continents
By Mary Terzian
In this memoir, Terzian's aspirations to attend college meet parents' refusal, flaring her yearnings even more.

Single and Not Settling!
By Tonia DeCosimo
After not walking down the aisle (as she assumed she would) in her twenties and then hoping it would happen in her thirties, Tonia DeCosimo found herself single at age forty and couldn’t help but ask herself, “Whose fault is this anyway?”

All Alone: WASHINGTON to ROME, A '60s Memoir
By Patricia Daly-Lipe
ALONE is an extraordinary memoir that immediately transports the reader to another time and place; a time when art and culture and ideas matter, and a place where beauty and love are natural and innocent.