Professional of the Year - Wellness/Intuitive Health

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Silvia Adriana Cresta

Title: Healer
Industry: Wellness
Type of Organization: Self Employed
Major Product/Service: Providing intuitive healing
Expertise: With over 7 years experience, Ms. Cresta is an intuitive healer, astrologist and numerologist. She also provides Reiki healing. Ms. Cresta designs and sells stone jewelry.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Las Vegas, Nevada
Affiliations: St. Jude's Farm
Born: March 29, 1971
Hobbies/Sports: Singing, music, skiing, family activities
Work History: Ms. Cresta served as a Brand Ambassador for Thrive the Movie and Theo Van Dort and Nikki Luna’s The time of the Sixth Sun Documentary. She assisted the social media department as a writer and commentator for the launching of Earthwalk United (Building Bridges beyond Barriers). Previously, she was the CEO and founder of S&S Designs by Silvi, serving as a midwife and intuitive healer.
Honors & Awards: Received full scholarship to the Eckhart Tolle Institute of Conscious Manifestation, 2020
Published Works: 1 book in progress, "Miracles Are All Around Us"
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Cresta is currently building foundation and nonprofit, On Silvi’s Wings, to help women and their children in transition of coming out of abusive and destructive marriages and relationships.