Professional of the Year - Medical/Emergency Room Nursing

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Ethel W. Wilson

Title: Teacher
Industry: Education
Type of Organization: Childcare Center
Major Product/Service: Early childhood education and related childcare services
Expertise: With over 25 years experience, Mrs. Wilson is responsible for basic childcare for children with special needs and those who have been through domestic violence. She serves as a Deaconess and works with the Young Children Learning Center.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Mocksville, North Carolina
Affiliations: St. Jude's; United Negro College Fund; Big Brothers Big Sisters; Eastern Star; North Carolina Sheriff Association; N.W.A.C.P.
Born: November 13, 1941, Birmingham, Alabama
Hobbies/Sports: Church missionary, travel, meeting new people, church activities
Spouse: Harold
Married: May 10, 1992
Children: Angelia, James, Jeffery, Robert, Michelle, Martha, Marilyn (dec.)
Career Accomplishments: Mrs. Wilson has volunteered with Davie County Domestic Violence for over 20 years and serves on the county board.