Professional of the Year - Motivational Speaking

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Mitchell A. Black

Title: Motivational Speaker
Industry: Motivational Speaking
Type of Organization: Nonprofit
Major Product/Service: Providing inspirational and motivational speaking
Expertise: Mr. Black has experience in the fields of business and management. He has 18 years experience in pharmaceutical vitamin manufacturing. He is responsible for speaking to individuals, companies, schools and organizations.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Central Valley, California
Affiliations: American Cancer Society; Prostate Cancer Foundation
University/Degree: Certificate, Course of Completion in the Food And Drug Administration, California State University Sacramento
Born: March 23, 1960, Alameda, California
Hobbies/Sports: Jogging, guitar, billiards
Spouse: Rhonda
Married: July 3, 1999
Children: Jamelia, Porchea
Work History: Mr. Black previously was the owner of his own auto detailing business. He served as a legislative ambassador for the American Cancer Society. Mr. Black worked with natural formulas in the vitamin manufacturing arena for 21 years. He served with Kaiser Regional Laboratory for 2 years.
Career Accomplishments: Mr. Black is an ordained Deacon with 16 years experience. He has participated in the cardia program with the Kaiser Foundation for 30 years. He has been a cancer survivor for 19 years.