Professional of the Year - Automotive/Truck Repair

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Titus Lee Radcliff

Title: CEO and Inventor
Industry: Automotive
Type of Organization: Truckstop
Major Product/Service: Providing locomotive diesel repair, truck repair and diesel services
Expertise: With over 20 years experience, Mr. Radcliff provides mechanical repair, diesel services and oversees the operations of the truckstop.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Daytona Beach, Florida
University/Degree: A.S., Daytona State University
Born: May 26, 1963, Daytona Beach, Florida
Hobbies/Sports: Bike riding, basketball
Children: Shawandrea; 1 Granddaughter
Work History: Previously, Mr. Radcliff worked at the USPS and for the railroad.
Honors & Awards: Mr. Radcliff invented a utility repair part; Served, U.S. Army Reserves
Published Works: Patent, power assembly puller for piston's rod assembly; 1 book, "No Rights"