Professional of the Year - Consulting/Professional Coaching

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Zandra D. Harris

Title: Owner
Industry: Consulting
Type of Organization: Life Coaching
Major Product/Service: Providing coaching and consulting services
Expertise: Dr. Harris is responsible for professional life coaching, executive consulting, protocol and events planning, and image consulting. She helps others in the areas of energy, emotions, and consciousness. She manages the planning and execution of internal communications to enhance and improve Lockheed Martin Space Company's relations with employees.
Geographic Area of Distribution: National
Affiliations: Women For Change; LOVE Inc.
University/Degree: B.A., Management, West Coast University; M.A., Organizational Management, University of Phoenix; Ph.D., Management and Leadership, University of Phoenix, 2010; Certified Positive Energy Life Coach, IP.E.C., 2013
Born: July 20, 1955, Los Angeles, California
Hobbies/Sports: Church activities, physical fitness, reading, travel, performing ministry work, counseling, childcare volunteering
Children: 7 grandchildren
Work History: Previously, Dr. Harris spent 24 years as a manager, marketing operations at Boeing Satellite Systems in El Segundo, California. Currently, she serves as a multi-level manager with Lockheed Martin Space Company. Over 17 years, she provided leadership in the oversight of internal communications, technical publication, graphic design, reproduction, digital media, and record retention.
Career Accomplishments: Dr. Harris led a 40 member communications team in implementing several initiatives focused on improving employee engagement.