Professional of the Year - Telecommunications/Plant Operations

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Paul L. Morton

Title: Engineering Associate, Retired
Industry: Telecommunications
Type of Organization: Telecommunications Company
Major Product/Service: Providing internet, phone and wireless services
Expertise: With almost 30 years experience, Mr. Morton was responsible for plant operations.
Geographic Area of Distribution: National
Affiliations: Life member, Telephone Pioneers of America; Director, New Mexico Philatelic Foundation
Born: July 31, 1942, Silver City, New Mexico
Hobbies/Sports: Collecting and exhibiting Grant County New Mexico Territorial postal history, chess
Spouse: Jenny L.
Married: June 9, 1962
Children: John, Cheryl
Work History: Mr. Morton participated in providing microwave service between Tucson, Arizona and the Guaymas, Mexico tracking station during Project Mercury in 1962 through 1963. From 1981 through 1985, he participated in the breakup of the Bell System as directed by the U.S. government. He also participated in the conversion effort from analog to digital long distance telephone service from about 1986 until his retirement from AT&T in 1989.
Honors & Awards: Numerous industry awards
Career Accomplishments: From the start of his career with AT&T in 1961, Mr. Morton participated in the conversion from vacuum tube technology to solid state technology. This led to the innovation and widespread use of the personal computer and growth of the PC industry as well. He witnessed the conversion to dial telephone (later touch tone) service and the elimination (or reduction) of operator assisted telephone service.