Professional of the Year - Education/Brain Development

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Thomas R. Howie

Title: Associate Professor, Retired
Industry: Education
Type of Organization: University/Public School
Major Product/Service: Education
Expertise: Dr. Howie is retired after 40 years experience in education. He focused on curriculum development and program evaluation, student evaluation, human growth and development, elementary education, supervision and human relations.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Pennsylvania
Affiliations: Maryland retired Education Association; Former Board Member, A.S.C.D.; President, Maryland A.S.C.D.; Founder, BrainyBees
University/Degree: B.S., Frostburg State University, 1963; Ed.D., George Washington University, 1972
Born: July 3, 1940, Washington, DC
Hobbies/Sports: Sailing, travel, brain research
Spouse: Carol Layton Howie
Children: Scott, Brett, Matthew
Work History: Previously, Dr. Howie served as an elementary and adult public school teacher, administrator, and K-12 supervisor in Prince Georges County Public Schools and Calvert County Public Schools of Maryland. He was an associate professor at George Washington University and a lecturer at Penn State- York (OLLI program).
Career Accomplishments: Dr. Howie was a researcher in the NDEA grant program in 1965 studying special needs of disadvantaged learners in an outdoor environment as differed from an inner city environment. He provided dissertation research in 1972 on the organization and location of activities dealing with the study of wetlands ecology in an outdoor setting and/or classroom setting for grade 5. Dr. Howie participated in a 15 year research study with ASCD from 1976 - 1991. He studied and tested the effectiveness of Computer Aided Instruction in the areas of reading, math and language arts in 14 schools from 1983 - 1988 with the Calvert County Public Schools and Curriculum Computer Corporation at Stanford University.