Professional of the Year - Corporate Housing/Relocation

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Melissa A. Callahan

Title: Guest Services Lead
Industry: Real Estate
Type of Organization: Corporate Housing Relocation Service
Major Product/Service: Providing a global cloud-based sourcing platform to search, compare and book temporary accommodations and hotels
Expertise: With over 25 years experience, Ms. Callahan is responsible for providing effective support for all clients and guests by using knowledge of ReloQuest technology, her experience, and services to ensure a positive guest experience. She and her team interact with clients, guests and suppliers to provide information and response to questions before, during and after their stay in their furnished apartment or hotel. Her role is involved in coordinating resolutions to service failures and concerns, by phone, within ReloQuest, and email. Ms. Callahan and her team resolve issues and provide a positive experience to the guest, client and supplier.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: Society for Creative Anachronism
University/Degree: Attended, William Paterson University
Born: January 18, 1977, Passaic, New Jersey
Hobbies/Sports: Archery, exploring Florida's beaches
Work History: Previously, Ms. Callahan was the director of operations with Regency Corporate Living; a client services manager with Rental Relocation; the director of finance and property management with Alexander Anderson Real Estate Group; and a quality assurance coordinator with Weichert Corporate Housing.