Professional of the Year - Education/Administration

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Geno Castillo

Title: Higher Education Administrator
Industry: Education
Type of Organization: Community College
Major Product/Service: Higher education
Expertise: With over 4 years experience, Mr. Castillo teaches mathematics, geology, physics and serves as an administrator.
Geographic Area of Distribution: New Mexico
University/Degree: B.A.; M.S., New Mexico Highlands University; Candidate, Ed.D., Walden University
Born: August 23, 1972, Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Hobbies/Sports: Hiking, camping, physical fitness, the beach, travel, star gazing, listening to music, watching movies
Work History: Previously, Mr. Castillo served with the United States Marine Corps as a Communications Instructor, a Graduate Assistant with New Mexico Highlands University, and was a Professor of Geology, Physics, Math and Engineering with Luna Community College.
Career Accomplishments: Mr. Castillo has mentored many students who have graduated and gone on to be successful in their occupation. He also mentored many students that have won competitions for their invention ideas at the annual Inventors and Entrepreneurs Workshop hosted by New Mexico Tech. Mr. Castillo brought in donations to Luna Community College from major manufacturing companies such as 3M. He is an accomplished grant award winning writer.