Professional of the Year - Research/Investigating Pharmaceutical Products

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Ann I. Jewell

Title: CRA
Industry: Research
Type of Organization: Research
Major Product/Service: Providing management of clinical trials
Expertise: With over 30 years experience, Ms. Jewell liaises with pharmaceutical companies and investigates pharmaceutical products, FDA vaccines and pharmaceutical devices. She tests products to ensure vaccines are effective including the Coronavirus vaccine.
Geographic Area of Distribution: National, Canada
University/Degree: B.S., Medical University of South Carolina, 1981
Born: October 4, 1958, Shelby, North Carolina
Hobbies/Sports: Reading, needlepoint
Work History: Ms. Jewell began her career working as a QA manager with PPD. She then served as a CRA with British Biotech, Constella Group, Lineberry Research, Hansen Consulting, Trio Clinical Research/Santarus and SRG Woolf Group.
Career Accomplishments: As one of the first contractors in North Carolina in 1991, the industry has provided Ms. Jewell with opportunities to meet great people and be part of very successful teams to accelerate the growth of cutting edge medicine. She has worked with multiple pharma companies (large and small, CROs and Biotech).