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Gene C. Rousseau

Title: Owner
Industry: Machinery
Type of Organization: Metric Solutions Provider
Major Product/Service: Providing integrated metric solutions for wood, plastics and stone
Expertise: With over 41 years experience, Mr. Rousseau is a long time salesman for multiple woodworking companies. He offers multiple values and liaises with cabinet companies. He provides metric solutions and assists with metric evaluations. Mr. Rousseau also serves as an intermediary for buying and selling used and new equipment.
Geographic Area of Distribution: National
University/Degree: Attended, Highline Community College and University of Washington
Born: May 14, 1957, Seattle, Washington
Hobbies/Sports: Fishing, coaching football
Spouse: Nicole
Married: 1997
Children: Tanner, Sydney
Work History: Mr. Rousseau has sold to the wood, plastic, stone and aerospace industries.
Honors & Awards: Dealer of the Year, 2006, 2007
Career Accomplishments: Mr. Rousseau has driven over 4.5 million miles during his career.