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Nathan W. Chlumsky

Title: Karate School Owner, Historian and Author
Industry: Martial Arts
Type of Organization: Karate School
Major Product/Service: Martial arts education
Expertise: Sensei Chlumsky has over 27 years experience. He teaches and gives seminars on Okinawan Martial arts. He also provides public speaking and speaks regarding bully prevention.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Affiliations: Phi Beta Kappa; Habitat For Humanity; Volunteer, Special Olympics
University/Degree: A.A., Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Barton County Community College; A.S., Enterprise Development and Health and Human Performance, Tulsa Community College; Candidate, B.S., Sport Fitness Management, Rogers State University; Certified Nutritionist
Hobbies/Sports: Community outreach, art, drawing, Martial arts historical research
Work History: Mr. Chlumsky previously served in various forms of law enforcement and security from 1992 through 2019. He worked in food services and security at the Larned State Mental Hospital in Larned, Kansas for over 10 years and worked at the Larned Sexual Predator Treatment Facility for over 5 years. Mr. Chlumsky has 8 years experience with local, state, and government security with Wells Fargo, Burns, Burns/Pinkerton, Securitas, Allied Universal, and Andy Frain Security. He served in both the adult and juvenile maximum security prisons for a total of 8 years. He has been teaching karate since 2007.
Honors & Awards: Nominee for KICKgen's "Rising Stars of the Martial Arts" Calendar Contest; 3x Hall-of-Fame Inductee with Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall-of-Honors ("Excellence in Teaching," "Life-time Achievement over 25 years in the Martial Arts," "Literary Contribution"); National Honor Society Member; National Scholars Member; Dean's List; President's List
Published Works: "Empty Handed: A Modern Day Miyagi, Inside Kung Fu," ISBN: 978-1-329-00955-4; "Verbal Aikido: The Gentle Art of Blending Then Redirecting" ISBN: 978-1-365-95136-7; "Bullying, Child Abuse, & Domestic Violence: Creating a Positive Outcome Out of a Negative Situation; You are an OVERCOMER!!," ISBN 978-1-329-03582-9; "Inside Kungfu: Chinese Martial Arts Encyclopedia," ISBN 978-1-329-11942-0; "The UFC Changing the Martial Arts for Over 25 Years: The Davie/Gracie W.O.W. Era; An Encyclopedia Vol. 1" ISNB: 9781670523235
Bookstore: This member has the following books and/or publications listed in the Strathmore Worldwide Online Bookstore:

  • Bullying, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence: Creating a Positive Outcome Out of a Negative Situation. You Are an "Overcomer!" - Category: Self Help
  • Empty Handed: A Modern Day Miyagi.... - Category: Biography
  • Inside Kungfu: Chinese Martial Arts Encyclopedia... - Category: Educational
  • The UFC Changing the Martial Arts for Over 25 Years: The Davie/Gracie W.O.W. Era; An Encyclopedia Vol. 1 - Category: Educational
  • Verbal Aikido: The Gentle Art of Blending Then Redirecting - Category: Educational
Career Accomplishments: In 2011, Mr. Chlumsky earned a 4th Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Shorinryu Karate. He holds a 4th Degree in Shorinryu Kobujutsu (Ancient Weapons) and 3rd Degree in Okinawan Tuite. He is a Level 4 Mixed Martial Arts Instructor, a T.O.P.C.O.P.S. (Texas Officer and Patrolman Combat Orientated Police System) Instructor, an Israeli Defense Tactics (Haganah based) Instructor, and a Nationally Certified CAGE Fitness Instructor.