Professional of the Year - Aerospace Defense/Aerospace Engineering

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Dennis Gong

Title: Senior Engineer, Retired
Industry: Aerospace Defense
Type of Organization: Self Employed
Major Product/Service: Aerospace engineering
Expertise: Mr. Gong is currently retired, after serving 37 years in the aerospace defense and engineering arena. He was responsible for engineering testing design and system integration for testing state of the art defensive avionics systems for the B1-B Bombers. Mr. Gong updated sophisticated radar threat equipment and software.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Greenville, Texas
University/Degree: B.S., Electrical Engineering, California Polytechnic State University, 1974; a Certified Novell Administrator/ Certified Novell Engineer (CNA/ CNE) Certification, New Horizons
Born: April 28, 1949, Visalia, California
Hobbies/Sports: Reading, computers
Work History: In 1983, after leaving Raytheon, Mr. Gong was hired as a senior engineer at Northrop Electronics in Hawthorne, California, where he worked on the Test Requirement Documentation to support the Peacekeeper MX Missile Program. After 2 years, he then served with the Eaton Corporation, in the their Airborne Instrumentation Lab Division, working at the USAF Flight Test Center as a field engineer. Mr. Gong also operated, calibrated, debugged, and updated sophisticated radar threat simulation ground equipment and software, which simulated threats to aircraft, for integration and testing of aircraft defensive threat warning system. Providing technical direction and focus, he assisted and supported Air Force personnel, Rockwell, and Boeing field teams by troubleshooting and resolving anomalies and non-conformance to systems on a Line Replaceable Unit Level. In 1989, Mr. Gong transferred to McDonnell Douglas as a senior engineer and scientist. In 1991, he decided to start his own independent test design and technical consulting business. He was then rehired by Raytheon Missile Systems in 1999, in Tucson, Arizona, as a senior electrical engineer. After 3 years, he transferred to Orbital Science in Chandler, Arizona. as an electrical engineer. Mr. Gong them moved to Texas and worked with L3 Communications, performing testing and troubleshooting. Before retiring in 2011, he was stationed at Fort Greely, Alaska, as on site resident engineer for Boeing.
Career Accomplishments: Mr. Gong was responsible for designing the test adaptor and writing the test procedure and program on the C-17 program at Mcdonnell Douglas. He was involved in the "Missile Defense Program" stationed at Fort Greely, Alaska. There are many things Mr. Gong attributes his success to, including his motivated, hardworking and positive “can do” attitude. He was always eager to accept new challenges and responsibilities while committed to go the extra mile to complete the project correctly the first time within schedule and budget. He was a fast learner open to new ideas and worked well as a team player while being capable of working independently with no supervision or support.