Professional of the Year - Financial/Tax Preparation and Filing

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Jessica L. Buchanan

Title: Owner
Industry: Financial
Type of Organization: Financial Consultant
Major Product/Service: Tax preparation services
Expertise: Mrs. Buchanan has almost 13 years experience. She has owned her own business for 10 years and provides tax preparation and filing services. Mrs. Buchanan consults with clients regarding going to court for taxes. She is also a consultant for a skincare line, Lemongrass Spa, which is made of all natural products.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Indiana
Affiliations: National Federation of Independent Business; B.B.B.
University/Degree: Candidate, A.S., Business, Vincennes University, 2011
Born: September 11, 1985, Texas
Hobbies/Sports: Family activities
Spouse: Joshua L. Cummings
Married: April 18, 2019
Children: Dylan, Sarah, Wyatt, Ashlynn, Lillianna, Jensen, Victoria, Jerry
Work History: Mrs. Buchanan has worked in the financial industry since 2007.
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Buchanan is opening up a retail store called The Ohana Shop.