Women of Excellence

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Sandra S. Newman

Title: Owner
Industry: Retail/Sewing
Type of Organization: Online Store
Major Product/Service: Sales of sewing assistance items and crafting items
Expertise: 30+ years experience; Patented The Hump Jumper, the Puts-It and the Buttonhole Buster, sewing assistance products which help with sewing issues
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: A.S.G.; N.B.A.A.
University/Degree: M.A., Cambridge University, 1996
Born: March 16, Maine
Hobbies/Sports: Sewing, gardening
Published Works: Patents; 4 books, "Scooter the Purple Mogul Mouse," "All His Mogul Mouse Friends", "Scooter Meets a Stumbling Bumbling Fly" and "Life and Times on Pleasant Pond"