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Mary Berard

Title: President
Industry: Medical Billing/Credentialing/Specialized Collections
Type of Organization: Medical Billing Company
Major Product/Service: Providing medical billing services, credentialing, specialized collection projects, business consulting for startup practices, and practice management services for practices including: Gastrology, oncology, orthopedic surgeons, internal medicine, general practitioners, family medicine, pediatrics, osteopaths, chiropractic, mental health, addiction centers and others
Expertise: Ms. Berard has over 25 years experience and is an expert in medical billing A-Z, credentialing and specialized collections projects. She works with providers and other staff members within facilities with training them in medical billing, time management and increasing revenue by 80% within a year for hospitals, home healthcare agencies, nursing homes and private practices. She also trains office staff in EMR upgrades, templates, revenue cycles and how it impacts practices, meaningful use, Medicare incentive programs, fee negotiations with insurance for higher reimbursement and self pay collections.
Geographic Area of Distribution: National
Affiliations: Living Local; B.N.I.; A.A.P.C.
University/Degree: C.P.P.M.
Born: Massachusetts
Hobbies/Sports: Arts and crafts, the beach, fishing, travel
Children: Amanda, Christopher, Crystal, Sara Jane, Roberto, Jose, Joseph, Michael, Thomas, Daniel
Work History: Previously, Ms. Berard spent 25 years in the healthcare arena working with hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes and private practices.
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Berard saved a hospital from closing by increasing their revenue to the point that they could reinstate their staff. The facility has since been open for over 10 years. Another direct result of Ms. Berard's consultancy was that Medicare paid claims that were over 5 years old for a private practice. United healthcare waived 6 months of contracts to pay a home health agency. She collected fourteen hundred thousand dollars in 90 days with only seven providers.