Women of Excellence

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Debra W. McAlpine

Title: Founder and CEO
Industry: Education
Type of Organization: Educational Service
Major Product/Service: Providing community-based intervention services to at-risk, disadvantaged or disabled students and their families
Expertise: With 20 years experience, Ms. McAlpine oversees the daily operations of the company and manages the 155 employees who travel to local schools to work with children with disabilities. She developed a comprehensive set of services, strategies, and levels of support to address the unique needs of students with developmental and other educational disabilities. Ms. McAlpine serves in a leadership role within the community in change management for vulnerable students and their families.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Washington, D.C.
Affiliations: N.C.A.C.C.
University/Degree: D.Div., CICA International University and Seminary, 2016
Born: July 21, 1953, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Hobbies/Sports: Collecting pens and tennis shoes