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Jibberish & Rhyme
By Kevin A. Berg
Whimsical poetry and illustration for children using multiple intelligence and theory.

Poetry For Everyday People
By Louyse Hulsey Scott

A collection of poetry written over a thirty year period in the author's life.

Poems include: Love, Mixed bag, Inspirational and Seasonal.

Portraits in Pen
By Sari Mercedes
ISBN: 0-9647225-0-X

A poignant journey through one woman's life in short story, poetry and narrative, illustrated with pen and ink by the author.

Invincible Summer
By Iddings, Kathleen
This collection of poetry and others by Kathleen Iddings are available from West Angelina Publications, P.O. Box 2683, La Jolla CA 92038

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A Penny for Your Thoughts
By Johnson, Penny
A Penny for your Thoughts, written by contemporary American poet, Penny Johnson, Lexington, KY, is sure to delight any poetry lover. Poems about nature, love, life, death, philosophy and religion are sure to please any reader. Each poem is written to capture your attention and after you have read it you will be hungry to read more. Penny Johnson's poetry has been published nationwide and worldwide; some of her poetry has become song lyrics. She has many awards and trophies and is "International Writer of the Year 2003" awarded from Cambridge, England. Some of her poems are on The Joy of Poetry cassettes. Her poetry book is written to teach, fulfill, stroke, heal a wound or show beauty. Her main goal is to entertain, uplift, satisfy the poetry lover. It is written in such a way that it is sure to be a classic. Human nature is such that readers need good reading so that each person who reads will be enhanced. "Poetry is the song poets sing to beautify the whole world," Benny says. To be a poet is a gift and should be shared with as many poetry lovers as possible. A Penny for your Thoughts does just that. The first poem of the book and the last and every poem in between is your gift. Enjoy

Finger Hingez
By Jose Garcia
New millennium collection of poetry that range from shamanistic nature observation to relationships to abstract thought.

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The Smokey Lounge
By Jose Garcia
The writing style to this book is again on relationships, lonesomeness, the hip scene teenagers and adults talk about, and, on another topic, nature. Poems written in Spanish have been followed by the English translation as well.

Poems for God's Riches
By Bennie Lilley
A collection of these poems written over a span of forty years. Each poem serves as a reminder of the gifts that God is waiting to bestow on his children, gifts of hope, guidance, love, and salvation. Carefully crafted to uplift the reader and to glorify God, Poems for God's Riches provides a greater understanding of who God is and the depth of his love for each of us. Lilley's poetry spans a wide range of topics, including education, spirituality, family, and politics. It's perfect to use for personal encouragement or to quote to friends and loved ones who have made an impact on your life. Read, enjoy, and learn more about the God who inspires the thoughts behind the words.

Love Shows: The Collected Works of Lala
By Laura Washington Schreiner
The art, love and aspirations the singer and poet Rose, from the wistful adolecent, through the young seeker to the aging mystic are captured and actuated as the pages turn.

Love Shows The Collected Works of Lala by Rose
By Laura Washington Schreiner
An eclectic collection of poetry and song lyrics compiled over a period of thirty years, from heartfelt to whimsical

Love Shows: The Collected Works of Lala Volume III
By Laura Washington Schreiner
The Works of Lala at the turn of the millennium have been clearly influenced by such poets as William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. The love of the language makes it possible to describe an experience in such a way that one does not feel alone like a strange ethereal creature.The poet then becomes a friend somewhere in space and time, a kindred spirit, with recognition of a lonely circumstance. Like a line from "The Stranger Song" by Leonard Cohen, "We'll meet tomorrow if you choose upon the shore beneath the bridge that they are building on some endless river."

Love Shows: The Collected Works of Lala Volume IV
By Laura Washington Schreiner
One would think, living alone on a mountain ridge would produce the net effect of one's having everything. In fact the impact of having to live day to day happy to breathe the mountain air is captured in the pages of this book. There are birds to feed and clothes to fold, there is romance, there is the life of hiking boots and bath oils, of warm gloves and nail polish, of quilts and computers. All is inlaid with the life and the love, the freaks and the fights, the saints and the sailors.

The Snow Child: Selected Works of Lala
By Laura Washington Schreiner
The Snow Child is a book of love and tears. The motherless child is a feeling we all have from time to time. These poems, by a mother, for her son, reveal true feelings towards love and harmony. As the song goes, "God Bless the Child."

Diptychs + Triptychs + Lipsticks + Dipshits
By Robert Vaughan
Diptychs is crafted from lush poetic prose. On one hand some pieces are abstract, cryptic and disturbing; while on the other hand, others are totally straight forward, without any artifice, tricks or distractions

Addicts & Basements
By Robert Vaughan
Drawing its energy from society's underbelly-the dim corner booths of bars, the stalls of public bathrooms, the thickets of unkempt parks-Vaughan's book is part prose poem, part fractured sonnet, part Whitmanian love-cry

Sunshine of My Soul
By Carolyn Rae Fantz
In this portable volume of inspirational poetry espousing the Christian lifestyle, Carolyn Fantz sketches out the joys, sorrows, trials and celebrations of a life lived in God. It gives an encouraging look at the dilemma of the modern

9.11...NYC...The Days After...
By Loren Ellis
A collection of poetry, stories, art, lyrics and photography by those who were here 10 years ago in NYC. It is an interactive book with blank pages so all can be included with their art or story or poem.

Poems of Life, Love and Bonds
By D. Duff Gray
D. Duff Gray was born and grew up in West Central Wisconsin. He lived in the State 42 years, packing up to make a move to Big Sky country, Montana. He has lived, worked, loved the land of Blue Skies.

Beauteous be Poesy
By Stacey L. Law
This poetry book is an anthology of beautiful poetics. It creates insights on various topics and nature. All poesies are of creative writing style and come to a well-rounded conclusion.

Leadership Above the Rim
By Orlando Ceaser
In this every challenging market place, inspiring employees to develop their leadership abilities is high on your list of priorities. Leadership above the rim – the poetry of possibility, tackles this subject in a unique way.

Look for the Blessing
By Orlando Ceaser
The idea for this book came from numerous e-mails and verbal comments sent by people who read his first book, Teach the children to dance. This book contains 87 poems reflecting on personal experiences and the lives of many magnificent people.

Teach the children to dance
By Orlando Ceaser
Teach the Children to Dance is a collection of 83 poems that represent a cross section of life experiences. The poetic styles range from contemporary, traditional rhyme to free verse.

By Orlando Ceaser
Free is a book of 93 poems separated into 5 modules; freedom, life, achievement, women and family. Each module is introduced with a short essay providing context for the poems that follow. The basic premise is that we are free or deserve to be free.

By Robert G. Vaughan
Brilliantly slippery pieces of flash fiction and longer form prose from the author of Addicts & Basements, and Rift (with Kathy Fish), among others. Robert Vaughan is unrivaled in his ability to suprise, stimulate and explore.

Words of A Fallen Angel (A Book of Poems)
By Lindsay E. Dancker
This is a book of poetry.